Our egg layers are free ranged and produce brown eggs. The chickens are raised from chicks on the farm. We receive them from a hatchery when they are two days old. Spring chick days is one of our families favorite times. The little chicks are so cute. They are provided shelter from weather and natural predators. The chickens eat as many bugs and as much grass as they please they are still provided plenty of water and grain. We raise all grain and mix it ourselves with minerals. This way we know exactly what is going in to the feed we are providing our animals.

How are our eggs sold?

The eggs are sold by the dozen. The eggs are collected each day, washed, and then candled. The candling process is what we do to ensure there are no cracks in the shells or and abnormalities with the egg.

Why purchase free range eggs?

To us they taste a lot different than store bought eggs a lot of or consumers say the same thing. The yolk it self is a lot darker. Most of all it's that peace of mind knowing how the egg layers are being raised.