Meat Chickens

Our meat chickens are antibiotic free with no added hormones. We order them from a hatchery and receive them when they are two days old. From the time we receive them until they lose their downy feathers they are kept in a chicken house where they are free to roam around but are able to stay warm under heat lamps. Once the birds can control their own body temperature they are placed out in a pasture, where they are kept in bottomless moveable chicken tractors. They are kept in the chicken tractors in order to protect them from natural predators. The cages are moved once to twice a day so they are able to eat fresh grass and bugs. They are provided grain and water to keep up with their hearty appetites. All feed is made on the farm. This ensures that we know exactly what is going in to our animals.

How are the chickens processed?

Our chickens are all processed off the farm at a USDA or Missouri Agriculture inspected facility.

What's the benefit of purchasing off the farm chicken?

Knowing where your food comes from and how it's raised. This was a major factor for us when we decided to start our company. We wanted to know that we were providing our family with fresh quality products.

How can you purchase our chicken?

Follow our Facebook page Crull Family Farm to see which farmers market we will be at. You can also contact us via email or by phone to arrange a farm pick up.

How are the chickens sold?

The chickens are sold whole or whole cut up. They are sold in a range of sizes since they are able to eat what they please. Each bird is in a vacuumed sealed package and kept frozen due to county code. We are not able to sell fresh chicken.