Our steers are pastured raised with no added hormones and antibiotic free at the time of processing. The steers are born and raised on our farm. They are given a large pasture to peacefully graze in a natural state. The steers are allowed access to grain to give the meat a better marbling. They are not confined to small pins or feed lots. Our family has been raising cows for many years but we're always selling them at auction. After, our family started growing we asked ourselves why are we were purchasing meat from a grocery store where we have no idea how the steer was being raised. From the time the calf is born to the time of process we care to the animals needs. Most steers are antibiotic free since they go to process in less than thirty months. However, we advertise antibiotic free at time of processing and not antibiotic free period. If the steer were sick we would provide that steer with the adequate medicine it needed. Antibiotics are not given on a routine basis and only given as needed.

How can you purchase our beef?

We have two options when purchasing our beef. You can purchase off the hoof or by the cut. We sell by the cut at the farmers markets. Follow our Facebook page to see when and which farmers market we will be at.

Why purchase off the hoof? Basically you are buying in bulk. It will give you more meat for your buck. You can purchase a whole, half or quarter of a steer. If you purchase a quarter of a steer you are not just given the front or back half. The meat is evenly divided. However, if you do purchase a half or a whole steer than you will have more options cut options. For example you can choose how much ground beef you want or how thick of steaks you would like. Each cut of meat is individually packaged in vacuumed sealed packages.

How much Freezer Space will you need?

Quarter of a Beef: Four cubic feet
Half of a Beef: Eight cubic feet
Whole Beef: Sixteen cubic feet

How to Order Off the Hoof:

Click the link below and fill out the Google doc. After submitting your information we will then email you with an estimated date of when your steer will go to process. When a process date has been set up we will give you a call. At that time if you decide you are not interested this time around we understand. We can add you on a list and call you the next time we have steer ready for process. If you choose to proceed then your meat will be ready for pick up from the bigger in 2 1\2 to 3 weeks. For half and whole purchases the butcher will call you to explain the process and your cut options with your order.